SELLERS NEVER PAY any fees or commissions with Unpaid Storages! Never!

1. Our Auctions:

  1. Lets get your items listed.
  2. Get paid when the items have been sold.
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Once we receive pictures of your items, or an entire estate, we catalog each item (or groups of items) and place them on our website for the next scheduled auction. The auction is then heavily marketed and advertised through multiple media outlets.

After the auction has completed, we provide with a detailed report on your listed items.

Sellers are never charged a commission fee at Unpaid Storages. Our company has seen that the auction houses that charge a seller’s fee deters high selling cost and reduces bidder excitement. The concept that the consignor/seller pays a commission on the products/services they bring to us is void.

We do not charge sellers commissions, zero, nada, no hidden fees, and no fees what-so-ever.