1. The licensed selling facility company comes to the website and registers. There is no charge to be a member of UNPAID STORAGES as a seller.
  2. This company then uses the online system after signing in and lists their unpaid storages within the terms and conditions of UNPAID STORAGES.
  3. When the storage locker sells the following will occur:
  • The high bidder will be charged their fee for the storage locker won by UNPAID STORAGES.
  • The high bidder is email an invoice showing this the fee payment to UNPAID STORAGES and the high bid amount plus applicable taxes due at the storage facility.
  • The selling Facility is sent an invoice outlining the amount due, with the buyer information and phone number.
  • The high bidder has agreed by terms and conditions to pay the high bid at the storage facility plus sales tax as applicable and any refundable cleaning deposits when applicable. This happens as agreed typically within 24 – 72 hours.
  • The seller facility welcomes the buyer/bidder within the outlined facility pick up terms and conditions up and allows pickup as agreed and the sale is consummated.


  1. The private party person or buying person for a company comes to the website and registers and through the website system.
  2. This buyer/bidder then after signing in views the auctions offered for sale.
  3. Then the buyer/bidder has the option to bid on the vehicles within the terms and conditions of the website. Please realize that should you bid on more than one auction and win more than one auction the buyer/bidder is required to pay for all storage lockers. Failure to do so will be the banning of any buyer/bidder and all future auctions indefinitely.
  4. The buyer/bidder will have two payments to make upon successful bid of a vehicle here on UNPAID STORAGES
  1. #1 Unpaid Storages buyers fee which will be initiated will be charged and invoice emailed.
  2. #2 Unpaid Storages sends the SELLER FACILITY an invoice and have the buyer/bidder pay the winning bid, taxes, refundable cleaning deposit as applicable with in the time period listed.
  1. Great idea for the buyer/bidder to contact the seller facility same ofr next business day that the buyer/bidder acknowledges and confirms the pick-up and clean up of the storage locker/s that they won.
  2. In case of a tie bid, Unpaid Storages reserves the right to reopen the bid between those two bidders if necessary. Unpaid Storages reserves the right to revoke any bid card at any time. Anyone bidding for an account other than his or her own must obtain a separate bid number for that account. The bidder offering the highest bid accepted by the Unpaid Storages shall be the “Purchaser” of the lot being sold and may not retract his bid. Purchaser will not be entitled to any adjustment, allowance, rescission, or damages or any other remedy regarding the condition of any item purchased as long as the storage locker is as represented.
  1. Please check out full details on our terms and conditions page.

Please check out full details on our terms and conditions page.


  • UNPAID STORAGES will charge the buyer’s credit card only the buyer/bidder fee due to UNPAID STORAGES typically same business day as the buyer has won the auction. These fees are listed clearly, and an invoice is also sent to the email of record. Any problems with these transactions may result in an additional transactional fee and possibly limit your bidding privileges and perhaps banning of the buyer indefinitely.
  • Most sellers require full payment and typical time limit to pay is within three (3) days of the end of the auction. Times may vary and each authorized seller has their own terms and conditions which is further outlined on their own auction area of this website. There are no extensions available to the buyer. The seller bids, wins the bids and pays for the auctions won.
  • Payment in full is due to the selling facility and ID of the buyer or authorized pick up entity must match the invoice to be required to release any item at seller facility. Only authorized people listed on invoice can pay and clean out any / all lockers.
  • Payment for storage lockers with most sellers’ facilities have very strict payment policies and it is the buyer’s responsibility to know what the Sellers Facilities payment policies are with a quick look at the terms and conditions of the company at the auction area of this website or quick contact to the seller directly. Most are cash, some may be credit card. The buyer / bidder has agreed to these forms of payments in the terms and conditions when signed up and must adhere to these seller facility terms of payment.
  • All auctions are subject to the UNPAID STORAGE fee as follows and has NOTHING to do with the fees, taxes and cleaning deposits as applicable and charges at the SELLER FACILITY, which is a separate transaction, this amount will be charged to the sellers’ credit card on file same business day as and needs to be paid upon presentation of amount due.
  1. Buyer pays UNPAID STORAGES, (Promo LLC Credit Card Statement) on each separate single auction won. BUYERS FEE SCHEDULE – 9.87% of winning bid.
  • When storage lockers are not paid for in full and picked up typically within ( three days but depends on selling facility please check terms and conditions of each seller) Many sellers request that the buyers buying privileges be suspended and their auctions relisted if their terms and conditions of their sale are not met in full. Unpaid Storages has a NO-TOLERANCE policy regarding buyers that do not respect the seller’s facilities terms and conditions.
  • Storage lockers not paid for and picked up within the sellers’ facility terms and conditions will result in buyer’s privileges revoked on UNPAID STORAGES plus the locker may be re-listed by the selling facility immediately after confirmation that the seller has defaulted or directly after the pickup time in their terms and conditions. The buyer then will forfeit all rights and connections to the storage locker once it is realized they are in violation of terms and conditions of the buying and selling of storage lockers. This is a licensed business with relative costs as well as the selling facility having professional costs and an expectation of timely payment and pick up is required from all buyers and high bidders. Bidding and winning and no pay or pickup as outlined by the terms and conditions will not be tolerated.
  • All risk transfers to the buyer at the end of auction. If desired but not required a buyer / bidder may want to contact their insurance company and advise of the storage locker they have won.


The unpaid storage auctions that are listed on UNPAID STORAGES are not owned by UNPAID STORAGES but by listing SELLER FACILITIES! Therefore, we do not have ANY information regarding the history or condition of the items other than what the SELLER FACILITY lists. UNPAID STORAGES do not perform any physical or inspections of any kind that are listed on its website/s. There may be other problems with the storage locker items which are not apparent, visible or known plus the SELLER FACILITY may not know. UNPAID STORAGES is not responsible for inaccurate or incomplete descriptions of any storage items listed. We make every effort to be responsible, please understand that UNPAID STORAGES have a ZERO TOLERANCE on continued misrepresentations of any SELLER FACILITY. Once continued misrepresentation has been established that SELLER FACILITY will no longer be listing on UNPAID STORAGES to protect the buyer/s. The storage locker must be paid for and picked up within the seller facility and UNPAID STORAGES terms and conditions and there is NO REFUND and NO RECOURSE, except for misrepresentation of sold storage locker ( I.e. the pictures show a washer and dryer present in the storage locker and when the buyer / bidder goes to the facility, pays for and the locker is opened the washer and dryer are not present). These are online and secured and sealed storage lockers so there is no buyer / bidder preview available at the facility. The pictures and description is what a buyer / bidder must follow to understand the representations of the unpaid storages.


UNPAID STORAGES do accept the following:

  • Credit Card / Debit Card including American Express

NO Refund and NO Warranty Policy, EVEN if you do not follow through with payment of the storage lockers you have won at the seller facility you may become banned indefinitely, all UNPAID STORAGES fees are final.



All items sold in AS IS and WHERE IS condition with all faults – known and unknown described or not described. Should there be ANY issues discovered after the purchase of storage locker there will be no recourse offered by the SELLER FACILITY or UNPAID STORAGES, THIS INCLUDES any issues that may occur. The Buyer will be 100% responsible for the items selected in a storage locker that they have won. SELLER FACILITY makes NO warranties as to the condition of any storage locker inventory. Descriptions and photos contained herein may not be accurate and occasionally posting errors may incur. Buyer is 100% responsible for understanding that sometimes what a buyer perceives to be in an unpaid storage is not what they had hoped for. NO REFUNDS will be given on any storage lockers under any circumstances. ALL SALES ARE FINAL! Please understand BUYERS when buying storage lockers here at UNPAID STORAGES buyers save money when purchasing items at a storage facility and items may be as is and may need attention. All items are sold without warranty.


All winning bidders are responsible for picking up their items at the SELLERS FACILITY:

  • Although it is not mandatory it is suggested that the buyer / bidder of a won storage locker should call the selling facility to acknowledge the purchase and verify pick up location and pick up times and forms of payment accepted as well is there a cleaning deposit and what amount that is if applicable.
  • Understand that the buyer / bidder has a limited time for pick up typically up to three days to pay for and clean out the unpaid storages.
  • The person/s picking up and cleaning out the storage locker must be the person/s listed on the invoice plus must have a photo id that matches that information at pick-up.


  • We reserve the right to end any auction early for any reason.
  • Storage Lockers are photographed and then sealed until the buyer/bidder comes to the selling facility to pick up, pay and clean out.
  • Please understand that third party selling and transactions by the buyer to another third-party person or company is prohibited. Buyer bids, wins, pays and removes the items from the sellers facility before any third party sales transactions may occur off property.
  • DO NOT BID if you do not intend to complete the transaction. Incomplete transactions equals banning the BUYER and any future facsimiles of the buyer.
  • EMAIL or CALL US if you have any questions, preferably before you plan to bid.
  • UNPAID STORAGES reserve the right to block any bidder for any reason.
  • By placing a bid, you acknowledge that you have read and understand and agree to the terms of this listing and the separate seller’s terms and conditions.
  • All items are delivered from the SELLERS FACILITY, working with the SELLER FACILITY and within their TERMS AND CONDITIONS.
  • All sales are FINAL