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It’s easy, a division of Promo LLC practices a revolutionary concept. Implementing cost cutting philosophy for sellers and buyers of storage auctions in the US and Canada. Licensed storage facilities never pay a fee to Unpaid Storages and never have their buyers pay a fee on behalf of those selling facilities. Buyers pay a reduced fee on successful high bids on storage lockers they win. There is no sign up or membership costs for buyers or sellers to participate on http://www.unpaidstorages.com

The now best leading UnpaidStorages.com in online self-storage auctions. UNPAIDSTORAGES.COM OR “PROMO LLC WE“ saves huge amounts of costs in the storage industry for sellers and buyers. This new UnpaidStorages.com for online unpaid storage auctions provide the most safe, manageable and easy system for all.

This UnpaidStorages.com is unusual within the storage auction industry by the implementation of huge savings for storage facilities, which ultimately saves winning buyers of these online unpaid storage auctions. Licensed self-storage facilities across the United States and Canada can use this platform for free to list their auctions at any time. Currently as a bonus unpaid storage will up load your images and descriptions for you at no charge. This assures that selling facilities have their auctions available to auction buyers in a timely manner with a no hassle upload policy. Bidders / buyers can use our UnpaidStorages.com to find and purchase the contents of unpaid storages.

Most self-storage auctions are held online. UNPAIDSTORAGES.COM OR “PROMO LLC WE“ builds a direct relationship between storage facilities sellers and buyers who are interested in the lockers up for auction. It’s not only easy sell but easy buy on Unpaidstorages.com!

Founder – Martin Snytsheuvel


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